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Analyst I/Operations

Analyst I/Operations

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Position Information

**This recruitment will be limited to the first 250 completed employment applications received. When that number is received we will update the job posting to indicate that only internal applications will be accepted. The job posting will remain open for Southwest Gas employees only.**
The Analyst I/Operations is responsible for specialized employee development and training, analyze work practices and procedures and to make recommendations for changes to work functions.  This position must demonstrate creativity, well-developed analytical and problem solving skills, work independently and be able to interact with personnel at all levelsthroughout the Company.
This position is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) under Title 49 CFR Part 382 and Part 40.  Any applicant/employee who performs a DOT covered function or is licensed and would operate a commercial vehicle for the Company will be subject to drug and alcohol testing under the Company’s DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.  Any employment, transfer, or promotion offer made for this position is contingent upon taking and passing a drug test prior to the commencement of the new role.  If an applicant/employee fails the drug test, any offer of employment, transfer, or promotion will be revoked.


  • Develop training programs in the proficient use of applicable software applications and mainframe systems used in department operations
  • Actively participate in the development and implementation of new software applications
  • Develop and apply written and verbal communication skills and demonstrate professional communication skills in such areas as formal presentations, interdepartmental memos, letters, etc.
  • Apply a working knowledge of all departmental systems, policies and procedures as it relates to the work area and to the supervision of departmental employees
  • Actively participate in management discussions which affect Non-exempt work groups, department policies, and operational processes
  • Apply and demonstrate positive employee relations skills
  • Develop training techniques by preparing and delivering monthly training sessions
  • Analyze quality control data and make recommendations
  • Compile code compliance data for the preparation of daily reports
  • Compile data for the creation of monthly reports
  • Assemble project requests detailing proposed work cost and timeframes
  • Administer code compliance training to department employees
  • Provide support to management, including preparation of special projects
  • Utilize project planning and monitoring methods to ensure timely completion of assigned projects
  • Research and analyze data for special project assignments
  • Prepare reports and make supported recommendations to management
  • Recommend policies and procedural changes to management
  • Ensure completion of department surveys and report results
  • Analyze and adjust operational areas to accommodate growth
  • Analyze and recommend solutions to audit discrepancies
  • May develop and implement interview matrix revisions
  • May test and interview applicants
  • Assist with and/or administer training of department personnel in the utilization of systems, policies and procedures
  • Assist with budget preparation
  • Provide incident documentation compliant with Company policies and procedures
  • Assist in monitoring departmental budget
  • Provide technical supervision for the construction, modification and maintenance of gas facilities
  • Review construction plans to determine if design, cost estimates, safety and compliance considerations are adequate
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned
  • Regular and predictable attendance is a condition of employment and is an essential function of the job

Minimum Qualifications

This position requires up to three years of relevant work experience including experience during a Company sponsored college internship or through performing advanced analytical functions in a current or prior Company position.  This position requires the incumbent to possess and actively develop sufficient leadership skills.  The incumbent frequently exchanges information with senior management, departmental heads of units outside of the department.


A degree in construction management, business management, or in a related field is preferred.

Salary Details

$52,570 - $65,712