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Environmental and Sustainability Advisor

Environmental and Sustainability Advisor

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Energy Solutions & Customer Engagement
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Central Arizona

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Position Information

The Environmental and Sustainability Advisor works with both internal and external customers by
promoting the environmental and sustainability benefits of natural gas use in residential, commercial,
industrial and transportation applications in all Southwest Gas (Company) service territories. The
incumbent advises on how natural gas may be incorporated to benefit an organization’s environmental
and sustainability goals while adding value to that organization’s bottom line. The incumbent will also
provide advice, influence, proposals and testimony for changes to Federal, State and Local statutes
that may negatively impact the use of natural gas in all Company service territories. The incumbent is
a self-starter that advises on environmental and sustainability related matters to ensure the Company
remains relevant and the use of natural gas continues to receive consideration as part of an
organization’s overall environmental and sustainability program.


  • Understand, develop and implement environmental and sustainability standards that incorporate
    the use of natural gas to positively influence the customer’s shareholder value thereby creating
    customer loyalty
  • Understand, develop and educate the Company on environmental and sustainability standards that
    incorporate the use of natural gas to positively influence the shareholder value of the Company
  • Support various departments with the education of Federal, State and Local governments on the
    environmental/sustainable benefits and economic value of using natural gas as part of their overall
    energy consumption goals to reduce carbon footprint through energy conservation measures
  • Inform management of situations related to environmental policies that could adversely affect the
    use of natural gas
  • Maintain a working knowledge of stakeholders, policies and acts related to Environment, Energy
    Conservation, Air, Water, Natural Gas, Propane and Electricity
  • Provide oversight and consultation to the Company regarding both national and local environmental
    related judgements, settlements or investigations related to the use of natural gas
  • Research, interpret and propose changes to the company on Federal, State and Local government
    regulations to promote the use of natural gas as part of a holistic environmental and sustainable
    policy and plan
  • Provide support and guidance to the Company on Federal, State and Local government policies as
    they relate to renewables such as Renewable Natural Gas
  • Provide support and guidance to the Company on the management of environmental credit reports
    related to the distribution, sale or use of renewables
  • Comment on the environmental and sustainable value of emerging natural gas technologies through
    their use in the industry
  • Advise the Company regarding the creation and application of residential, commercial, industrial
  • rebates and Federal rebates as part of a holistic environmental and sustainability offering to natural
    gas customers
  • Provide and coordinate written application or correspondence to environmental based
    organizations, agencies and regulating entities regarding the application of incentives to Company
    and Customer projects
  • Work with Operations to coordinate with industry best practices for environmental mitigation
  • Coordinate meetings with internal and external customers to address best practices of the
    promotion of natural gas use through environmental and sustainable policies
  • Represent the Company by influencing the support of the use of natural gas as part of an
    organization’s mission. These include but are not limited to NGV America, U.S. Department of
    Energy Clean Cities Coalition, Solid Waste Association of North America, National Trucking
    Associations, Association of School Board Officials, etc.
  • Work with energy efficiency industry representatives, consulting organizations and emerging
    technologies with a primary focus on promoting environmental and sustainability measures through
    preliminary energy audits and investment grade energy audits
  • Communicate (written and orally) with Company employees about environmental and sustainability
    projects using natural gas as part of the overall solution
  • Provide necessary environmental analysis, opinions and recommendations where applicable
  • Develop and utilize industry partnerships to promote natural gas as part of the solution to
    environmental and sustainability policies
  • Educate the public on the uses of natural gas as part of an environmental and sustainable plan by
    preparing public presentations and by participating on public panel discussions
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned
  • Regular and predictable attendance is a condition of employment and is an essential function of the

Minimum Qualifications

There are clear precedents and practices which the incumbent uses to determine how this job is
performed. This position requires a minimum of four to six years of equivalent relative work experience
and a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Must have a working knowledge of
environmental policy and have. experience with Windows Office (Excel, Power Point & Word) software.
Excellent written and communication skills are required.
Preferred experience as a grant writer with a solid foundation and knowledge of Federal, Legislative
and Local Government contacts and procedures. A degree with a focus on environmental policy or
political science is preferred. The ability to present information or testimony to large groups,
organizations and customers is preferred.


Salary Details

$77,778 - $97,223