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Administrator/Public Affairs

Administrator/Public Affairs

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Regulatory & Public Affairs
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Central Arizona

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Position Information

The Administrator/Public Affairs is responsible for coordinating, implementing, and reporting on all ongoing public affairs activities that could have an impact on the Corporation at the consumer/community organization level and local, state, and federal government level.  Additionally, this position is responsible for the planning, direction and administration of all federal political action committee activities.  This position is also responsible for advancing business strategies and maintaining a positive corporate image in the community by developing and maintaining positive relationships with key stakeholders, collaborating with management to meet the needs of the Company and community, and serving as a resource within the Company and the community while advocating on behalf of Southwest Gas and the natural gas industry.


  • Represent and advocate on behalf of the Corporation before all local, state, and federal officials, both elected and appointed to ensure equitable deliberations on public affairs issues that affect Company operations
  • Represent and advocate on behalf of the Corporation’s interest and position in all local, state, and federal matters
  • Advise and recommend areas for Company involvement in the community and at the local, state, and federal level, and the public relations impact of current and proposed policies or activities
  • Develop and administer programs to enhance the Company’s relationships with all local, state and federal government officials and agencies, including all community based organizations
  • Respond to all governmental and public affairs inquiries directed at the Corporation
  • Identify, establish, and maintain community outreach and partnerships that allow Southwest Gas to proactively meet the needs of communities, customers, and employees
  • Provide liaison between the Company and community/consumer organizations
  • Provide support for any and all necessary coverage of internal communications and emergency communications in direct coordination with the Corporate Communications department, 24/7, throughout the year to ensure coverage for any and all emergency communications incidents
  • Monitor and report on filings, enactments, rulemakings, public decisions and other actions of federal, state, and local government agencies
  • Advise in the development of public affairs strategy and positions on issues that affect the Company
  • Administer legislative/regulatory consultant contracts
  • Provide recommendations on appropriate financial assistance from the Company to selected political candidates, ensuring that such activities are in compliance with applicable legal requirements and budgetary guidelines
  • Assist in developing the departments’ annual budgets
  • Support the ongoing activities of all Southwest Gas affiliated political action committees and ensure timely compliance with the Federal Election Commission requirements and other legal requirements
  • Perform analytical research and support on public issues that affect corporate operations
  • Interact within the corporate community on issues of mutual concern
  • Support, evaluate, recommend, and implement consumer/community programs and activities consistent with Company business strategies
  • Manage company-sponsored committees and programs with the goal of maintaining and promoting corporate citizenship
  • Collaborate with other utility companies in the service territory on programs and resources that enhance low-income community partner agency outreach
  • Coordinate and monitor Company projects produced by outside entities
  • Present in the community on behalf of Southwest Gas
  • Develop, motivate, train and evaluate staff
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities, as assigned
  • Regular and predictable attendance is a condition of employment and is an essential function of the job

Minimum Qualifications

There are broad precedents and practices that the incumbent uses as guidelines to determine how this job is performed.  This position requires four to six years of relevant work experience plus a bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential job responsibilities. 


A clear understanding of the political process is critical to this position. Contacts throughout government are imperative for the incumbent’s successful performance.

Salary Details

$83,450 - $104,313